A lua perfeita :)


My name is Pedro Tarrinho, I'm a 5th year student of this degree "Licenciatura Engenharia Sistemas e Informática" this makes me divided between to cities Maia and Braga both in Portugal. The first is were I was born and were I spent most of my 22 years life, the second is were I study. I have already lived in a lot of Northern Portuguese cities. My soccer team is F.C.Porto (the biggest soccer Team in Portugal).

I created this page sort like a joke, because I wanted to post some of my friends’ photos  (the ones that aren't yet in here, I 'm sorry, but it's just because I just didn't had time) I also placed some of my work done in college and for my personal use in several programming languages. All around the pages I places some links that supposedly are good. So I hope you enjoy  this as much as I did. 

Almost forgot... how could I ..

I hate windows and of course my primary operating system is Linux :).              penguin-angry-tran_1.gif (15158 bytes)

I do believe that I am a travel young man, this is because I've have already been in 3 different continents where I travel along several countries.


In case of any comments do mail me to tarrinho@yahoo.com or kaser@nsk.yi.org 

One spectacular picture that I like..('Space the Final Frontier')



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